Beware of People Knocking on Your Door Claiming to Be “Election Integrity” Officials

Ted Millar
5 min readAug 22, 2022
Photo by Obi — @pixel6propix on Unsplash

In just three months, Americans will be asked to go to the polls again to vote in the 2022 mid-term election.

A handful of primaries and special elections are happening has you read this.

Some are hailing the midterms one of the most important elections in our lifetimes, considering it will be the first post-Roe vs. Wade in almost 50 years and the threat of impending fascism looms like it hasn’t in a generation.

One element of fascism is the suppression and/or outright stripping away of people’s democratic right to choose their representatives in free and fair elections.

The danger to it has never been greater.

Since the last presidential election, threats to poll workers spiked as right-wing Donald Trump supporters targeted their animosity toward those they baselessly felt were helping to “steal votes” from Trump.

Now they’ve expanded the conspiracy to “votes being stolen” from all republican candidates.

And they’re taking it right to Americans’ doorsteps.

Under the guise of “a voter verification project,” “U.S. Election Integrity Plan” (USEIP) election deniers, led by Shawn Smith, an ally of former Trump strategist Steve Bannon and MyPillow founder Mike Lindell, are knocking on people’s doors like regular, ordinary candidate canvassers, and inquiring whether people voted in the 2020 presidential election, for whom, by which means (mail-in ballot or in person), and how many times, all geared to circle back to the unproven claim the election was fraudulent.

Michelle Garcia of Denver, Colo. is one such voter the group’s representatives visited.

She explained:

“His specific questions were, ‘Did you vote by mail-in ballot? How many times have you voted?’ He wanted to know who I voted for, who I supported. ‘How do I know that it wasn’t changed?’ And a lot of it was targeted at the [county] clerk and recorder’s office and that it was fraudulent.”

After she informed the man she did not want to discuss her voting record and that she did not have any problems with casting her ballot, he got aggressive.

Ted Millar

Ted Millar is a teacher, poet, and political writer for The Left Place blog on Substack: Twitter: @tedmillar