Ted Millar

Nov 8, 2021

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Biden to Sign Historic Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act

Image credit: Joshua Sukoff via Unsplash

While the “human infrastructure” bill known as the “ Build Back Better Act” will unfortunately have to wait a little longer, Saturday marked an historic day in America when House Democrats finally passed the “Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act.”

President Joe Biden explained:

“The House of Representatives passed an Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. That’s a fancy way of saying a bipartisan infrastructure bill, once-in-a-generation investment that’s going to create millions of jobs, modernize our infrastructure, our roads, our bridges, our broadband, a range of things turning the climate crisis into an opportunity, and a put us on a path to win the economic competition of the 21st century that we face with China and other large countries in the rest of the world.” “We’re looking more forward to having shovels in the ground, to begin rebuilding America. “For all of you at home, who feel left behind and forgotten in an economy that’s changing so rapidly, this bill is for you. The vast majority of those thousands of jobs that will be created don’t require a college degree. There’ll be jobs in every part of the country: red states, blue states, cities, small towns, rural communities, tribal communities. “This is a blue-collar blueprint to rebuild America, and it’s long overdue.”

Thirteen republicans and six Democrats opposed the measure that passed 228–206.

Despite holding the majority in the House of Representatives, a narrow majority in the Senate, and the White House, Democratic West Va. Sen. Joe Manchin and Arizona Sen. Kyrsten Sinema for months railed against the bill, claiming it and the forthcoming Build Back Better bill would “ Make the real cost of the so-called $1.75 trillion bill estimated to be almost twice that amount.

Biden, though, pushed back, asserting:

“It’s fiscally responsible. It’s fully paid for. It doesn’t raise the deficit by a single penny. And it actually reduces the deficit according to the leading economists in this country over the long term. And it’s paid for by making sure that the wealthiest Americans, the biggest corporations begin to pay their fair share. “We got out of the blue a couple of weeks ago a letter from 17 Nobel prize winners in economics and they determined that [the two bills] will ease inflationary pressures not create them.”

Here is what the bill Biden is going to sign next week contains:

  • Roads, bridges, and other infrastructure projects: $110 billion with $40 billion for bridge repair, replacement, and rehabilitation; $17.5 billion for other major projects;

There will also include language about unemployment insurance fraud enforcement.

The “Build Back Better Act” will be part-two — the human infrastructure — component to this, seeking to include:

  • Another year of the expanded child tax credit households have been receiving every 15th of each month since July;

Originally published at https://theleftplace.substack.com on November 8, 2021.