Law Enforcement Concerned September 18th Could Be the Next January 6th

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What’s another term for a “failed coup”?

A .

The United States came dangerously close to losing democracy when thousands of spiteful Donald Trump supporters descended on the Capitol to do the failed president’s bidding to “stop the steal” of votes he still claims are his.

Although this act of “ as FBI Director Christopher Wray defined the attack, did not elicit the outcome Donald Trump and his supporters intended, it successfully demonstrated how fragile our republic is.

, news broke of Department of Homeland Security (DHS) concern over ’ online discussions about potential future violence.

At that time the talk was about a conspiracy theory that Donald Trump is going to be “ “ in August.

Obviously that did not occur.

There is causing law enforcement concern, though.

An internal DC Capitol Police memo on the “Justice for J6” rally, supposedly planned for Saturday, explains Trump devotees’ online support for the , one of whom was , whom an officer while she was participating in smashing the crowd’s way into the Capitol Speaker’s Lobby.

“The document warns that many individuals may also see September 18 as a ‘Justice for Ashli Babbitt’ rally, which could be cause for concern, and it’s not unreasonable to plan for violent altercations. There have been additional discussions of violence associated with the event, with one online chat suggesting violence against Jewish centers and liberal churches while law enforcement is distracted that day.

Some of the online activity putting law enforcement on alert comes from the far-right internet site “4chan,” calling for those planning to participate on the 18th to

There are also calls for demonstrators to use the demonstration as a means toward while they are distracting law enforcement.

One thread :

“I will be there with my AR15 even though legally I can’t have one f*** the Demonrats.”

House Speaker — a prominent target on Jan. 6 — told reporters inquiring about preparations for Sept. 18:

“These people are coming back to praise the people who were out to kill, out to kill members of Congress. We intend to have the integrity of the Capitol be intact.”

In June, the Biden administration released its the recent in violent crime the past year.

Former FBI Deputy Director told CNN’s Poppy Harlow:

“I think they should take it very seriously. In fact, they should take it more seriously than they took the same sort of intelligence that they likely saw on January 5.”

So far, it looks as though .

McCabe is optimistic law enforcement has “a few factors leaning in their favor,” :

“You don’t have a sitting President actively fanning the flames and trying to get people to attend the rally. It looks like, from all indications, our law enforcement partners are for this one. They seem to be taking the intelligence very seriously, which raises a question as to whether or not they did on January 6, but that’s another issue.”

Police agencies all had been before Jan. 6.

Trump loyalists all over the country had been planning insurrections for months, acting on Trump’s either he win or the election was rigged.

Two days before the terror attack, The Hill ran the headline “

Last June, the Transition Integrity Project (TIP) helped organize a of Democratic and Republican officials to , for which every scenario resulted in “ .”

While the last “ ” conspiracy theory fizzled, the latest delusion from “ ” is that “

Donald Trump’s sad band of sycophants are in such denial he lost fairly and squarely, they are willing to latch onto any cockamamie wish fulfillment floating in their general direction.

This is almost laughable except for the fact that we saw the danger their allegiance is capable of perpetrating.

They claim to “love their country.”

At the end of the day, though, their only real love is for a man-an ideologue who has lured them into his deep-seated sense of inadequacy and narcissism.

Originally published at on September 13, 2021.

Ted Millar is a teacher, poet, and political writer for Liberal America and the Left Place blog on Substack:

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Ted Millar

Ted Millar

Ted Millar is a teacher, poet, and political writer for Liberal America and the Left Place blog on Substack: .

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